A community focused strategist
using social data insights

I use social data insights as the starting point of my community and content strategies.
I follow a simple, but purposeful methodology.

  • 1. Generate a hypothesis based on social data and user behaviour.
  • 2. Validate hypothesis using search data.
  • 3. Create a content model based on this research.
  • 4. Implement messaging in owned, paid and earned media.
  • 5. Test and measure strategy using relevant KPI.

social data insights


Research begins with social data insights gleaned from tools like Sysomos. This high level aggregate view is summarized and then connected to a classic framework from cognitive psychology to explain observed behaviour.


The validation process assesses the effectiveness of the model developed from the research stage. Using search data a hypothesis is tested and confirmed statistically. This model, once confirmed, is then used to generate strategy.


Strategy is based on a model which allows for consistent messaging across paid, owned and earned media. Generally, the strategy will combine best practices from growth hacking, community management and content marketing.


Measurement is the last phase of implementation. Analytics are tracked for performance and to show a return on investment. Attention to metrics reveal opportune moments for real-time marketing strategies.

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