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Suzza Silver

The Community Manager with the Mathematical Muse.

About Suzza

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Suzza is a community manager with a mathematical muse. Inspired by the world of mathematics, they look for the stories in the data and ascribe to best practices and documentation.

Their background in psychology makes them a powerhouse when communicating online. Suzza has the superpower of empathy and a love of humanity. So they can quickly access written communications and the emotions behind them. They use techniques like validation, reflection, and active listening.

Suzza has worked online as a content creator for a decade. In that time, developing blogs, websites, and communities for clients. They are adept in social media management, content writing, and project management. These and other skills are necessary for success.


Community Manager

Loneliness is an inescapable human experience as human beings are social animals. That means we desire each other's company. Yes, even us introverts like having people around and seek out others. The desire for the company of others may vary by individual. Some people may be more reclusive than others.

I am interested with ideas of loneliness for two reasons.

1. As a child, I was harassed and abused by others and chose to spend much of my time alone. I made my first friends in college and understood the importance of having a feeling of belonging.

2. I am familiar with the research of John Capaccio on the biological harms of loneliness. It takes its toll on our hearts and our minds.

Community managers have the potential to generate belonging. We create a sense of connection in a disconnected world. These are a few of my philosophies on Community Management.

Volunteer Projects

Content Creator

I spent the first few years of my career as a freelance writer. At first, I was writing some SEO optimized content for Google News. At my peak, I received 100.000 views a month.

I branched out to clients as diverse as restaurant owners, drug sniffing dogs, and real estate. I have a specialty in SEO keyword research and content strategy. Content planning is a love of mine.

I am accepting new clients if you would like to work with me. I can handle all stages of the writing process; planning, writing, editing, and publishing. I do all the work for my clients. Making sure copy is optimized for search engines. I have a talent for writing for humans and robots knowledgeably and entertainingly.

I continue to write for myself as well working on several blogs related to my hobbies. My most popular one is my blog on mathematics. I don't cover high concepts here but the emotions related to math. I also have a blog dedicated to content creation and SEO copywriting called Suzza Studio. I am talking about my developer journey at Suzza Dev Diary. Lastly, I keep a mental health advocacy blog at Bipolar Life.

Web Development

Web development has been my hobby since the days of Geocities. They have mostly been vanity projects. I can show my personality and my front-end development skillset. My developer journey has been a very personal one in this way. I'm still growing my skills. My main goal for this year is to go from JavaScript novice to JavaScript master.

The following are my web development projects, all are WordPress Themes.

Full Page Beauty of Mathematics
Full Page Suzza Studio
Full Page Suzza Dev Diary
Full Page Bipolar Life