This blog will only feature practical advice, as well as tips that you can actually use as part of your routine while you are working online. I have four domains of specialty; SEO, Content Marketing, Community Building, and WordPress Management.

I also offer these as services! If you would like to work with me send an email to: Susan@susansilver.net

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is just a fancy acronym that refers to the process of making your blog/website friendly to search engines. It isn’t about gaming the system; it’s about working with Google and their guidelines on what what they think is important. The field is changing rapidly. The focus is now on natural language, intent, and speed on mobile devices. These changes reflect the desires of your potential audience and how they consume content.


  1. Achieved an average of 50,000 views a month writing about Entertainment topics.
  2. Wrote content for a security business which, for a time, ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword “Drug Sniffing Dogs.”
  3. Worked as a freelancer for three years as an SEO keyword researcher.

Content Marketing

Everything we write or record has a purpose. Content Marketing is about persuasion. It is how you get the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Perhaps just as important, how you get them to stay and engage with your content. Lastly, it’s telling your audience what you want them to do after they have that experience. There is a whole funnel, tactics, and organization that needs to go into it.


  1. Managed a team of writers and generated an editorial calendar for ArCompany.
  2. Used data driven methods for predicting audience growth and finding optimal word length the ArCompany blog.
  3. Proved with analytics why service Triberr did not bring in ArCompany’s target audience.

Community Building

I still remember the moment that I knew that I wanted to be a community manager. I was in a Twitter chat ran by Megan Berry. My eyes widened and I realized that I could get paid to talk to people about the things I love. That path led me to the new TSR (not the original team.) I was given free reign to do as I saw fit,and our community thrived.


  1. Grew Facebook fan page from 1,000 to 4,000 in one year.
  2. We modeled positive behavior to our followers and rarely encountered trolls.
  3. Managed and trained a team recruited from our followers who moderate the page.

WordPress Management

New bloggers may not be aware of WordPress maintenance and security issues. I’ve been blogging with WordPress for a decade. I can migrate you to a Virtual Private Server which offers you more flexibility in your hosting options but also speed. You can also protect that server with a firewall and other security measures which you may not have if you with a shared host. I can also set you up with a SSL certificate so your can get that https:// in your url. Lastly, I can make small customizations to your theme using css.


  1. Have built my own plugin that properly gives credit to creative commons images.
  2. Designed several of my own themes from scratch using the command line
  3. Maintain my own VPS using Caddy to acquire an SSL certificate for free.
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