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The Time Saving Ultimate Secret of Blog Post Templates

Blog Post Templates are a key weapon in producing better writing. You don’t always have time to start your content writing from scratch. And if you area content marketer, you are already carrying a heavy load writing for clients. It is good to have some form of document you can use to jump-start your writing.

That is why in this series, I will be providing my personal templates.

What are Blog Post Templates?

A good template gives you a jumping-off point for your writing. My personal templates are designed as a vague outline with steps for each section of the post you are writing. It is very fill in the blanks sort of way of working out a blog.

Of course, that isn’t the only way that you can handle creating a blog post template. If you do a Google search, you will see many content marketers who have built their own solutions. Often focusing on one thing like how to write better headlines.

My templates are whole documents that will allow you to write functional posts quickly and easily. They are based on best practices gathered from my favorite how-to posts across my history as a content marketer. This means that they have a better chance of working for you for SEO and relatability. The two things you need to make a blog post marketable.

What You Should Not Do

The real trap of working off another person’s templates is that it isn’t necessarily in your own voice. You don’t want to use these templates verbatim. They are meant to be adaptable. Feel free to mix things up and not use them exactly as provided. They are there only to inspire you to write.

All good writers keep what they call a swipe file. These are examples collected from various places of the writing you think is best. What you want to emulate in your own writing our what you want to learn. I think these blog post templates fall under that sort of thinking. Eventually, you will want to change my blog post templates to your liking. To make it match more closely with your own or client’s needs.

Blog Post Template Series

This series will contain six templates.

  1. Reaction Post
  2. Press Release
  3. Anecdote
  4. How-To
  5. Lists
  6. Research/Case Study

The template that you will use the most is the Reaction Template. This covers a lot of what the web is, reacting to things you’ve read, heard, or seen. It is a very flexible approach to writing.

The Press Release Template is great for writing up what you are currently promoting.

The Anecdote Template is for storytelling. It is used to illustrate a point by telling your audience something personal.

The How-To Template will help you with tutorials.

The second most useful temple is the List Template. Content written this way is easier to digest for web readers. They are visually pleasing and satisfying to read.

The last template is a Research/Case Study template. This is one that is specific to business writing. You’ll use this a lot if you are working for a company.

Quick Start the Writing Process

I will feature each blog post template on Fridays. Explaining each one in-depth so that you can understand how to best use them. Please subscribe to receive updates.

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