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Why Hosting WordPress on a VPS is for Smart Small Business Owners

I was once like you using shared WordPress hosting for my blog. It is certainly the cheapest way to start. There are a lot of popular writers with affiliate links that will recommend them. But you are smarter than that.

I’ll explain why managed WordPress hosting on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best way to start your blog.

Top 5 Reasons for Hosting WordPress on a VPS for Greater Security and Growth

1. Control

When I was still using shared WordPress hosting, I would run into problems all the time. Here is one error that is very common. Running out of PHP Memory.

Yes, you can tell WordPress to increase this but you know who really controls this, your host. You can increase your PHP memory limit at any time when using a Managed WordPress host on a VPS. I’ve stopped encountering this error.

2. Security

Malware infections are contagious on shared hosting. If one WordPress website is infected then it can spread to all those connected to it. Also, Google may incorrectly think that your website has been impacted even when it is safe because it is in a bad neighborhood.

Managed WordPress hosting on a VPS is still sharing space with over websites. But you get your own stall and are not sharing resources in the same way as a shared host.

This already gives you increased security. But you can do more. Like eliminate password access to your server and using ssh keys instead. You can add a firewall. You can update your server making sure you have all the patches. You can use Certbot to get a free SSL certificate for your website changing that http:// to https://. You can set up your own business email using Gmail.

I’ve done all of these on my own and host my WordPress on a server that I am the admin for.

3. Backups

Have you tried messing with your WordPress and gotten the white screen of death? I think it is kind of a rite of passage if you are working with your theme or plugins. The worst part of it is that you get locked out of your blog. In the past, I’ve had to re-upload original files to unlock it because of some wayward code.

WordPress hosting on a VPS makes this a breeze. Before you make any changes you backup your server. On Digital Ocean they call these snapshots. If you make an error, you just restore from the previous snapshot that you took. You are done and everything is as it was before you crashed. You can, at the time you sign up for your host, choose to create backups. That has saved my WordPress many times.

4. Growth

We all want to make it big someday. My goal would be to get to 100,000 unique page views a month. That is when you are really rocking the game. Hello, brand deals.

That is why I love my VPS so much. For $15 a month, I can host this WordPress on a 3GB droplet on Digital Ocean. If I start getting more traffic, then I can resize my droplet to accommodate. Allowing my website to grow as my readership increases. You never need to pay for more than you need.

5. Peace of Mind

If you choose to go with a managed WordPress host then you can have peace of mind. Currently, I am offering bloggers my services for $10 a month. I’ll migrate you to a VPS and maintain that server for you. I will install plugins for security. As part of that deal, I’ll also keep things updated so your WordPress, themes, and plugins are the latest version.

Hosting WordPress on a VPS is Best for Small Business Owners

Hosting WordPress on a VPS just makes sense. Start off on the right foot. Yes, you can get a host cheaper but that won’t help you with long term growth. Only a VPS can keep up with your needs. It is also one of your most secure options.

Hire Me

For $10 a month I will manage your WordPress blog.

Services include:

  • Backing up Database and Files
  • Installing Security Plugins
  • Keeping WordPress and Plugins updated
  • Recovery from Hacking
  • Migration to a VPS

Email if you are interested

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