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One is the loneliest number that you can ever do, according to Harry Nilsson’s song One. But two can be just as bad as one.

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As a mathematics blogger with an interest in science communications, I’ve observed that there aren’t many tutorials for SEO keyword research available. This is a serious gap that needs filling, especially as more scientists begin to understand the modern appeal of blogging. SEO is key in helping your blog get noticed and bringing traffic to your website

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I’ve frequently used my RPG characters to learn more about who I am. I trusted my group. It was the first area of life where I felt supported and loved for being myself.

Guest Post on Thin Difference

When we speak of leaders, we often think of their “vision”. This term is associated with words like insight, foresight, persistence, tenacity, innovation and creativity. These visionaries take on a larger than life quality as one of the few that were able to revolutionize the world with their ideas. This inspires us, but it isn’t always clear how to cultivate these leadership skills in ourselves.

Drug Sniffing Dogs

Created content strategy around top keywords.Responsible for website copy & blogging. Referral traffic from Linked In and offline networking.Highest converting page is home page. Over 2 minutes engagement time from organic search.Bounce rate less than 70% for all traffic sources.

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I have only been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a short time. My learning was greatly accelerated by a family member who owns 1st edition books.

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WordPress backups.You think you are doing it. Bloggers have told you how to do it. You’ve downloaded a plugin to help you. I guarantee that at most you have only done 1/3 of the work. It really isn’t that obvious or clear from most plugins what the heck they are doing when they backup your WordPress website.

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The elevator pitch is a crucial statement for an entrepreneur. There is some mystery wrapped in how someone comes up with a 30sec summary of who they are or what they do. It is one of those terms that makes more sense if we analyze what we are trying to accomplish.

Guest Post on CMX

I am celebrating a decade of remote work as a freelancer. I specialize in content, community, and SEO. I once held the title of Director of Community, working with a small team of moderators. At that time, the company only had 10 people. I grew our small community of a 1,000 people — there were 4,000 fans by the end of the year.

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Pay any attention to your site’s footer? You should. It plays an important role in your Google rank. Here’s what else you may not know.

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Copywriters are key players when it comes to marketing. They write the words in advertisements, commercials, and brochures. Increasingly their skills are used for website copy and that is the field I am going to talk about today. The field of SEO copywriting or writing for the web.