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Press Release Blog Post Template

The next in our series about blog post templates is the Press Release. This is the template that we use when we have important news. It could be the release of a new product, an event or any other item that needs promotion or publicity. While providing a traditional press release is fine, it is best practices to also make a note of it on your small business blog. This blog post template will help you do that!

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Lead with your why

  • What was the reaction
  • Not the What
  • Impact

Don’t bury the lead

  • Be a critical self-editor
  • Only need about half the words to tell the story

Only include details that strengthen the narrative

Here are further resources that will help you craft your PR blog post.

The PR Pro’s Guide to Blogging

How to Write a Press Release

Download the PR Blog Post Template

PR-Post-Template.pdf (68 downloads)
PR-Post-Template.docx (64 downloads)

The good thing to note about the press release blog post template is that it is not as long as a typical blog would normally be. The idea is to get in there quick with the most important details and build up hype. Not to give a long drawn out explanation. So it is a very different template from something like the reaction blog post template.

Unfortunately, many of my best resources are no longer up online. Meaning that if you are someone whose job is to write press releases, there are many open spots for writing a good how-to article. Something that I may try to do in the future. If you have found a great article on the subject or have any advice to give please do so in the comments!

Are you enjoying this series so far? What type of writing do you need help with? The next blog post template we will tackle in the future is the List template. One of the most useful to have in your writing tool kit.

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